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Police Service Dogs (PSDs) have a long and storied history of public service, answering the call of duty 24-7, often under very difficult and challenging circumstances. They are unquestionably, Pillars of the Force, with their own dedicated pillar and site on the Princess Royal Walk.
Pillars of the Force ensures their contributions to public safety are also shared with generations to come, through their stories of service as posted on our Virtual Pillars on-line site. site. mpvirtualpillars.ca

20% of your PSD donation will be gifted to Ned’s Wish, a charitable, not-for-profit organization, providing financial support for the medical care of retired police and military service dogs, ensuring a well earned, safe & healthy dog’s retirement.

Portrait photo of an RCMP officer in the Red Surge with a K9 Police Service Dog to his side

Specialty Police Service Dog, Dopey


Stake a claim for your Police Service Dog or Best Friend Dog on the Princess Royal Walk: for a nameplate on the dedicated RCMP PSD Pillar or an engraved brick in the dedicated PSD/DOG Section. At the RCMP Heritage Centre, overlooking the iconic north gate at “Depot” Division, Regina, Sask., “Home of the RCMP.” “Police Service Dogs are a key part of our unique Canadian story”.


Stake Your Claim And make your Donation” below!


FIRST TIME DONORS Staking a Claim(s):

May stake an initial claim for an RCMP Service Dog nameplate on the PSD Pillar, with a $300 donation and claim additional PSD nameplates with a donation at $150 each, or one individual as Team Leader can also bring together a number of individual donors to make a group claim”. If a minimum number of 6 individuals participate, all nameplates and/or bricks will be at $150, including that of the Team Leader. Each team member will receive an individual charitable tax receipt. A form for group submissions is provided below.

Please Note:

1) The Team Leader is responsible for assembling all the names, contact information and nameplate information, total payment amount and submission of the group claim. Individual tax receipts will be sent to each member of the group.

Engraved Bricks are also available for placement in the PSD section for other Service Dogs and Best Friends Dogs, as per the above-noted guidelines. (Two sizes available: 4×8 and 8×8, each with $150 off.)

PREVIOUS DONORS who have already staked a claim:

Are entitled to stake additional claims for each previously staked claim, at $150 off the regular pricing:

  • That discount can be for a family brick or nameplate for a friend, family or colleague.
  • Gift your option(s) to someone else, enabling he or she to stake a claim with the $150 option. we do require indication of who the provided the gift.)
  • NOLB (No one Left behind) donations are most welcome and much appreciated.
  • Cross-claiming is permissible. For example, if the initial claim was for a brick, this claim can be for a nameplate. Conversely, if the first claim was a nameplate, this claim(s) can be for a brick. As such, you may:
    • Stake a claim for $150 for another nameplate for a fellow member or employee, friend, family brick with spouse (second man) or children.
    • You may gift your option to someone else, so they can claim the $150 option (We need an indication on Claim sheet of who the gifted person is. Conversely, if the gifted person is submitting the claim, we need to know who the original donor was).
    • NOLB (No one Left behind) donations are most welcome & appreciated.
  • Or you need not take any further action given your generosity to date.

 General Information:

  • All claim donations are eligible for individual charitable tax receipts in the amount donated.
  • PSD Nameplates, are assembled in groups of 48, placed on a single metal plaque and cast simultaneously, as individual nameplates with raised text. This process takes about eight 8 weeks. Placements will not occur until warmer, spring weather (Apr/May), We have time but the earlier you submit, the earlier your nameplates will be ready for early mounting on the PSD Pillar.
  • Interim gift card certificates are available for such occasions as birthday, graduation, retirement, anniversary, if you have a gift in mind. etc.
  • Each Dog whose name appears on the Princess Royal Walk is entitled to have his/her story of service (with photos), placed on our Virtual Pillars website for all to see.

Stake Your 150 Claim!

December 23rd, 2022 at 12:01 AM to May 23rd, 2023 at 12:00 AM

Stake Your 150 Claim!

December 23rd, 2022 at 12:01 AM to May 23rd, 2023 at 12:00 AM

Police Service Dogs stories are a key part of our unique Canadian story!Police Service Dogs stories are a key part of our unique Canadian story
Number. The STORY OF SERVICE (max 1600 words

) of your PSD will be posted on the

Police Service Dogs are a key part of our unique Canadian Story!


Reserved for RCMP Service Dogs with an official Regimental number

Claim includes: 

– Dog’s Name & Regimental Number. 

– The dog’s story of service (max 1600 words) for posting on the PSD Virtual Pillar. 

– Photographs are most welcome.

Nameplate Example for a Police Service Dog

ENGRAVED Walkway Brick

Engraved Bricks in the PSD section of the Princess Royal Walk, adjacent to the PSD Pillar are for other service dogs, family or best friend dogs.

* A charitable tax receipt will be issued for the full amount of your donation.

Next Steps:

Step 1: Complete & submit your Claim

Mail Your Form

If you’re making your donation by mail, please download the claim form, fill it out, and include it with your cheque.

Email Your Form

If you’re making your donation by phone or online, please download the claim form, fill out the form electronically, save the file, and email the form as an attachment to FRIENDS@RCMPHC.COM. You may also print, scan, and email the form.


1. Donate by Phone 

Please call (306) 719-3015 and leave a message with your name and phone number.

2. Donate by E-transfer

Make your donation by E-Transfer to FRIENDS@RCMPHC.COM

Please use the following Security Question and Answer:
Security Question: Organization?
Answer: Pillars

3. Donate Online

Make your donation Online.

When you’re ready, please donate online using our donation form below.

4. Donate by Mail

Make your donation by Cheque. Please make cheques payable to:

Friends of the Mounted Police Heritage Centre

Mailing Address:

Pillars of the Force
C/O RCMP Heritage Centre
5907 Dewdney Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan
Canada S4T 0P4

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Download a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

For more information, please contact us at 306-719-3015 or email FRIENDS@RCMPHC.COM

Mailing Address:
Pillars of the Force
C/O RCMP Heritage Centre
5907 Dewdney Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan
Canada S4T 0P4