Individual Donations

Over the past quarter of a century, the Friends of the Mounted Police Heritage Centre have raised and donated in excess of $2,000,000 for operations, artifact procurement, restoration and management, as well as capital to help build the RCMP Heritage Centre. That two million dollars, primarily made up of individual donations and membership dues, has gone a long way in leveraging corporate support for major capital projects and general operations for the Centre. The Centre would not exist if it wasn’t for the individuals that saw value in helping us reach our goals to first build a Centre at the Home of the RCMP, and to continue to help us support its operations.

The RCMP Heritage Centre welcomes visitors from around the globe to its superb flagship facility, on the grounds of RCMP Academy “Depot” Division, where the Tradition began and continues to live. It’s the Force’s Alma Mater, protecting and preserving the organization’s rich culture and history and sharing not only RCMP, but Canadian stories with the world.

Help in the sharing. Be part of the legacy. Become a member. Make a donation.