Pillars of the Force

The Princess Royal Walk

Two Members standing in front of the RCMP Heritage Centre

This is a major, national initiative of the Friends of the Mounted Police Heritage Centre and the RCMP Veterans’ Association, located at the Mounted Police Heritage Centre, in Regina, Saskatchewan “Home of the RCMP.”

flanked by 21 soaring pillars aligning the RCMP Heritage Centre overlooking the iconic north gate at “Depot” Division, the Princess Royal Walk will become a living legacy for those who help keep Canadians safe and are indeed. PILLARS OF THE FORCE Dedicated to those who honourably respond to the call of duty, day in and day out and to those who support those who do so serve.

Pillars of the Force Will also help ensure the legacy continues and your story of service is shared with generations to come. The Virtual Pillars Wall Located inside the Heritage Centre provides a state of the art, large digital screen that will share your story of service and provide directional information to locate individual names posted along the Princess Royal Walk.


You are part of this unique Canadian story”.
Claim a personalized nameplate or brick.
Get started by submitting the claim form with your donation.

Pillars of the Force & Walkway

Member & Employee

Donation of $300* ensures 6×1.5”nameplate on pillar.

Text on name plate for a Member* includes Surname & Initials, Regimental #, Troop# or Engagement Date.

Text on name plate for an Employee* includes Surname & Initials, Division where first employed and engagement date.


A 4×8” engraved brick placed adjacent to pillars & walkway along the Princess Royal Walk.


Text on bricks is flexible: wording can include first names, hometown etc. lettering is dictated by space & the engraver’s professional eye.

Larger bricks available:

Donation of $500* – 8×8” / $1200* – 8×16” / $2500* – 16×16”

* – A charitable tax receipt will be issued for the full amount of the donation.


A virtual pillar wall located inside the Heritage Centre provide a large screen and platform to share your story of service** and serve as a database to easily locate individual nameplates and bricks.

**  Information required for posting on the virtual wall will be forwarded to you following receipt and validation of your initial submission.

The Virtual Pillars Exhibit


Digital example of nameplates on pillarsSTAKE YOUR CLAIM! SHARE YOUR STORY!

Claim your place along “The Princess Royal Walk” “You are part of this unique Canadian story”. Claim a personalized nameplate or brick. Get started by following the steps in the “Make a Donation” section below.


Troop members, teams, or generational family members may be placed together on the pillars or walkway. However, one person must collect all relevant information and submit with a REQUEST for the noted persons to be posted together.


A family member may donate and submit relevant information of a deceased Member or Employee for posting on the Pillars or on the princess Royal Walk.


Ways to Donate: By Mail (Cheque), By Phone (Credit card), or Online (Click “Donate Online” Below).

Step 1: Select

Decide how many Nameplates and/or Bricks you’d like and calculate your total donation.
6in x 1.5in – $300
4in x 8in – $300
8in x 8in – $500
8in x 16in – $1200
16in x 16in – $2500

Step 2: Stake Your Claim

Mail Your Form

If you’re making your donation by mail, please download the claim form, fill it out, and include it with your cheque.
Claim Form

Email Your Form

If you’re making your donation by phone or online, please download the claim form, fill out the form electronically, save the file, and email the form as an attachment to You may also print, scan, and email the form.
Claim Form

Step 3: Make Your Donation

Donate by Mail

Make your donation by Cheque. Please make cheques payable to:
Friends of the Mounted Police Heritage Centre

Mailing Address:
Pillars of the Force
C/O RCMP Heritage Centre
5907 Dewdney Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan
Canada S4T 0P4

Donate by Phone or Online

Make your donation by Credit Card over the phone or online.
When you’re ready, please call (306) 719-3015 or (306) 719-3010.
Donate online using our Donation form.
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“RCMP history is uniquely Canadian and truly fascinating and made all the more worthwhile through the support of the pillars.”

– Buffalo Joe Healy, RCMP GRAVES (RCMP Retired)

“Members join, serve and retire. The wall would give a new insight into the RCMP, and I strongly feel it is overdue.”

Murray Sly, Rtd. S/Sgt.

“I am the widow of a dedicated, proud member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the late Ivan Thue, S/Sgt. (Rtd). He was co-founder of the Friends of the Mounted Police Heritage Centre (originally the RCMP Centennial Museum) and he loved history. I cherish the time we spent together, sharing our lives and experiences in the Force, including our time in the Arctic. The Pillars of the Force is a wonderful tribute to those who serve, especially our Veterans.”

Jean Thue (Life Time Member Ladies Auxiliary)

“This is a long overdue initiative, one that I wholeheartedly endorse. I love the pillars concept to celebrate the men and women who have been and are the true, ‘pillars of the Force’.”

- Karen Adams (nee Somers) RCMP Retired, Troop 17, 1974/75

“For generations of members and their families, this initiative affords the opportunity to share those stories yet to be told, of how each individual Member contributed to the legacy of the RCMP, as a world renowned police force.”

- R.T. (Bob) Smart, (RCMP Retired) President, Friends of the MP Heritage Centre

“Since 1873, the pillars of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been its people – those who served with honour, selfless dedication, and courage, and the families and employees who served in different but equally as important ways beside them. The Pillars of the Force initiative is all about the enduring legacy left by the people of the Force – providing a dignified place for memory, recognition, and reflection. Located at the Heritage Centre at “Depot” Division in Regina, the regimental home of the Force since 1885, the Pillars of the Force is an ideal way to permanently mark one’s own place in the history of the Force and of Canada – to salute the people of yesterday and today who have made the Force what it is and will become, and to inspire the people of tomorrow.”

– Mark Gaillard, National Secretary and Historian of the RCMP Veterans’ Association, Ottawa

“The RCMPVA Board of Directors unanimously agreed to endorse and support this inspired initiative that tangibly honours the lives and service of members & employees of the RCMP.”

Ralph Mahar, (RCMP Retired) Executive Officer, RCMP Veterans’ Association

"As a retired couple (with the bulk of our service on the Musical Ride), we feel this inspiring initiative will help celebrate and recognize all members of the RCMP and forever commemorate their contributions, stories and service to the Force and the communities they have served, as PILLARS!"

- Chris (Mackie) Windover, Rtd. Cpl. & Francois (Frank) Duguay Rtd, Sgt.

“The Pillars of the Force is an excellent initiative as it will provide our serving, retired members, employees, their families, as well as all of its future members and employees the opportunity to contribute to the history and achievements of the Force from the March West to today. The success of the Force throughout its history has been due to the people who made it happen up to now and into eternity. The RCMP Heritage Centre is the ideal location to display these achievements. I was very fortunate to have joined the Force and made it a full career over my 35 years of service. I commend The Friends of the RCMP Heritage Centre for their leadership and congratulate the RCMP Veterans’ Association for their inspired action in partnering on this initiative.”

Frank A. Richter – Troop G 63/64 - A/Commr. (Rtd.)

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For more information, please contact us at 306-719-3015 or email

Mailing Address:
Pillars of the Force
C/O RCMP Heritage Centre
5907 Dewdney Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan
Canada S4T 0P4


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