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Police Service Dogs & Community

Police Service Dogs (PSDs) have a long and storied history of public service, answering the call of duty 24-7, often under very difficult and challenging circumstances.

They are, without question, deserving of the honour of “Pillars of the Force” and have a dedicated pillar and section on the Princess Royal Walk.

Like their human counterparts, Police Service Dogs will have their stories told through the Virtual Pillars display inside the Heritage Centre and available online.

A charitable tax receipt will be issued for the full amount of your donation.

20% of your PSD donation will be gifted to Ned’s Wish, a charitable, not-for-profit organization providing financial support for the medical care of retired police and military service dogs, ensuring a well-earned, safe and healthy dog’s retirement.

Portrait photo of an RCMP officer in the Red Surge with a K9 Police Service Dog to his side

This page outlines the options and claim process available to Police Service Dogs and Community Supporters who wish to make a dedication to the Pillars of the Force.

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Options for Police Service Dogs & Community

RCMP Police Service Dogs (PSD) with an official Regimental Number can claim a Nameplate to be placed on the dedicated PSD Pillar. You may submit a Story and photos to have included in the online Virtual Pillars display.

All other Service Dogs, Families, and “best friend” dogs can claim a Walkway Brick on the dedicated PSD section of the Princess Royal Walk.

Nameplates are metal plates measuring 6 inches by 1.125 inches. Nameplates for PSDs are arranged to form a plaque of 48 plates, then mounted to the dedicated PSD Pillar at the RCMP Heritage Centre.

Nameplates are reserved for RCMP Service Dogs with an official Regimental Number.

PSD Nameplate

Text on the nameplate for a Police Service Dog includes their name and Regimental number.


Example of a Nameplate

Walkway Bricks are used to pave the Princess Royal Walk at the RCMP Heritage Centre. Bricks are available in two sizes and are engraved. Bricks for PSDs, Families and “best friend” dogs will be placed in the dedicated section next to the PSD Pillar.

4 x 8 Inches

This size can have up to 3 lines of text. Each line can have up to 20 characters, including spaces. Text on bricks is flexible and can include a logo or a simple graphic.

8 x 8 Inches

This size can have up to 6 lines of text. Each line can have up to 20 characters, including spaces. Text on bricks is flexible and can include a logo or a simple graphic.

Examples of brick sizes and what can be engraved on them.


Nameplates and bricks may be placed together on the Pillars or Walkway. When submitting your Claim Form, please include all of the information for each Nameplate and/or Brick to be included in the group.

A friend or family member may donate and submit relevant information about a deceased Dog Handler or Dog for posting on the Pillars or the Princess Royal Walk.

The Service Dog whose name is cast on a nameplate can submit their story of service (with photos) for placement on our Virtual Pillars website. You may submit your stories and photos at any time.

Claim Process

Step 1: Fill out the Claim Form

Begin by downloading the Claim Form using the red button below.

This will download a “fillable” PDF document to your computer. You may fill in the form fields on your computer or print out a blank copy and fill it in by hand. Be sure to save the document when finished to avoid losing any information.

Mailing Your Form

If you are submitting your donation by Mail, please ensure to print out and include your completed form along with your cheque.

Emailing Your Form

If you are making your donation by phone, e-transfer, or paying online, please email your completed form as an attachment to friends@rcmphc.com.

Step 2: Make your Donation

Finally, make your donation using one of the four methods below.

We can accept donations by phone, e-transfer, online payment, or cheque by mail.

Please ensure that your donation amount equals the amount on your Claim Form.

Donate by Phone

Please call (306) 719-3015 to provide payment information over the phone. If we are unavailable, please leave a message with your name, phone number, and the best time to reach you so we can return your call.

Donate By Mail

Make your donation by cheque and send it by mail, along with your completed form.

Please make cheques payable to:

Friends of the Mounted Police Heritage Centre

Mailing Address:

Pillars of the Force
C/O RCMP Heritage Centre
5907 Dewdney Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan
Canada S4T 0P4

Donate by E-Transfer

Send your donation by Interac E-Transfer to friends@rcmphc.com. Please use the following security question and answer:

  • Security Question: “Organization?
  • Security Answer: “Pillars

Note: e-transfers are limited to a maximum of $3,000.

Donate Online

Donate online using our secure payment form.

Please note that our online form is limited to handling one product at a time. If you are claiming multiple items (nameplates, bricks, and/or NOLB fund donation) or submitting for a group, we do not recommend the online option.

Step 3: Done

That’s it!

With your Claim Form and donation submitted, you’ve completed the process.

Once your form and payment have been received, we will contact you to confirm any other details and keep you updated on the progress of your claim.

Thank you for staking your claim and contributing to this national legacy.

Questions & Answers

Download a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

Specialty Police Service Dog, Dopey


Stake a claim for your Police Service Dog or Best Friend Dog on the Princess Royal Walk: for a nameplate on the dedicated RCMP PSD Pillar or an engraved brick in the dedicated PSD/DOG Section. At the RCMP Heritage Centre, overlooking the iconic north gate at “Depot” Division, Regina, Sask., “Home of the RCMP.” “Police Service Dogs are a key part of our unique Canadian story”.


Stake Your Claim And make your Donation” below!

For more information, please contact us at (306) 719-3015 or email FRIENDS@RCMPHC.COM

Mailing Address:
Pillars of the Force
C/O RCMP Heritage Centre
5907 Dewdney Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan
Canada S4T 0P4